It is officially Hall of Fame Saturday in the Scenic City.

Terrell Owens's celebration began at McKenzie Arena at 3:17 pm Saturday.

Channel 3's Paul Shahen and Ben Bobick were both inside the arena for this historic event.

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5:09pm - All ready to go for the @terrellowens press conference. I’m hearing they will be naming Lansing Court on UTC’s campus after Terrell Owens.

4:12pm - Best quote thus far...after a rousing applause and “I love yous,” @ replies.. “I love you too...but I love me more.” VINTAGE !

4:10pm“I wanted to take a stand. So the guys who come after me will get what you rightfully deserve....Sometimes you got to do the wrong thing, for the right reason.” @

4:06pm- IT’S TIME! @ receives his @ gold jacket and takes the podium!

3:33pm- Terrell Owens’ suit is Hall of Fame! Yes that’s the HOF logo.

3:20pm- The man, the myth, the Hall of Famer, @, walks into McKenzie Arena to a standing ovation!

3:13pm - How great is it that McKenzie Arena is SOLD OUT OF POPCORN! Terrell Owens is in the house, HOF speech coming up next. ... @

2:54pm- These #Chattanooga residents love seeing #TO give back to @GoMocs!

Eric even waited in the rain one day when @terrellowens returned to Finley Stadium to make sure he got his ink on his jersey.

2:39pm- The stage is set.

2:36pm- Just saw Terrell Owens backstage. His suit has the @ logo all over it. Along with a big ole smile on his face!  

2:30pm - This woman has been a Terrell Owens fan since his college days. She even sold her tickets to Canton to come to Chattanooga to see ! She’s from Philly.

2:26pm - Catching up with a few fans inside McKenzie Arena already. This one reflects on a few of Terrell Owens big games during his career!  


1:49pm - The scene is set and the popcorn is poppin!