UPDATE: There was an upset on the Hamilton County School Board in the race for the district 8 seat Thursday night.

David Testerman was leading in the numbers for most of the night, but around 10:00 pm, it all changed.

Challenger Tucker McClendon, the 23-year-old with no political experience, unseated the incumbent by 132 votes.

McClendon said he’s excited to get to work and bring in fresh ideas.

He would like to focus on school safety and bring SRO’s into all schools.

Testerman said the results show what people in district 8 want.

“I cannot be more thankful for the people who have voted for me. It’s been a very honoring and humbling day at the polls. We have 7 precincts in District 8 and I was at them 3 or 4 times,” McClendon said.

“Tucker McClendon has worked as hard as any candidate I’ve ever seen. I can’t say anything negative about him. He a real decent kid,” Testerman said.

Testerman has held the seat since 2010.

Some of the votes in this district were impacted by a problem discovered earlier this week with district lines drawn. It’s unclear if there will be another race.

PREVIOUS STORY: At a time where voter turnout for younger generations is at an all time low, Hamilton County is seeing a push for a fresh perspective in local politics. 

“We're tired of this good ole boy system and we don't want to wait our turn to fix the problems. We want to fix them for our kids,” District 8 school board candidate Tucker McClendon said. 

McClendon and D’Andre Anderson are the youngest candidates vying for seats on the Hamilton County school board. They believe change is needed to move schools forward. 

“We were let down. A lot of the community was hurt to see that a broken promise was made and that fueled my engine. There are a lot of facilities in District 9 that are not in good shape at all,” District 9 school board candidate D’Andre Anderson said. 

Both District 8 and District 9 incumbents said it’s uplifting to see the younger generation interested in local politics and wanting to get involved in their communities. 

“It says that more of them have an interest in what's going on and I think that's a very healthy thing,” District 9 school board incumbent Steve Highlander said.

Although they hope voters will choose experience over new blood. 

“I hope the ones that are running can get their friends out to vote. That's going to be important for our future,” District 8 school board incumbent David Testerman said.

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