With local elections taking place on Thursday, the 30th, voters might not be informed on all positions they see on a ballot, including the titles of State Executive Committeemen and Committeewomen.

These volunteer positions are held by men and women in the State Executive Committee (SEC).

There are two separate committees, one being Democrat and the other Republican.

The Republican State Executive Committee governs the affairs of the Tennessee Republican Party (TRP). The committee acts as a board for the TRP and establishes policy to guide the party.

The committeemen and committeewomen serve on the board and have a multitude of duties that keep them informed about all decisions made in the TRP.

According to the Tennessee Republican Party, they are the liaison between the committee and their district. They attend and support Republican events, and are required to attend three annual meetings where they discuss the business of the TRP. They also assist in recruiting, advising, and supporting Republican candidates.

The SEC consists of 66 members, seven of which are elected at each regular August Republican primary election.

One Republican man and one Republican woman is elected from each of the 33 state districts and serve a four-year term.

The Tennessee Democratic Executive committee administers the affairs of the Democratic Party as well as supports their candidates. The committeemen and committeewomen have similar responsibilities for their party as the Republican SEC.

According to the Tennessee Democratic Party (TNDP), the committee is the State Democratic Primary Board. They plan State Party conventions, perform and conduct all the affairs of the TNDP, and aid in the election of Democrats statewide.

The Communications Director for the TNDP, Amanda Yanchury, compares the Democratic SEC to a board of directors.

"The Executive Committee for our state party is similar to what a Board of Directors would be for a private company -- overseeing official party functions, budgets, committee work, etc." Yanchury said.

"They also are responsible for record-keeping for the various County Party units and committees that exist across the state."

The committee members for the State Executive Committees for the GOP and Democratic party hold leadership positions within their boards but can also be active for the state in other ways.

"Many members are involved in their communities as well." The communications director for the TRP, Candice Dawkins, said.