In North Georgia, cleanup continues from Tuesday's storms.

Highway 151 in LaFayette saw a lot of downed trees and power lines. 

C.W. Hickman wasn't home when the severe weather came in.

"I pulled into the driveway and looked at that mess," Hickman said. 

Branches covered his front yard. The large maple tree on his property was uprooted. Snapped limbs destroyed his fence.

"No home damage, thank God," Hickman said. "Thank God, no home damage." 

Neighbors said the storm came in fast and only lasted a few seconds. They're in disbelief it did all that damage.

"I lost about ten trees or more. Plus, there's stuff back in the field. Ms. Dennison lost a building back there. If you look back there at the tree, it's all the way in her yard," Hickman said. 

With more rain in the forecast, there is no telling when all the debris will be gone.

"I got a chainsaw and access to a trailer to haul it back to a brush pile," Hickman said. "So we are going to have a big weenie roast."  

Crews with the power company were on the property Tuesday night to remove the downed lines. 

Hickman said home insurance doesn't cover the cost of removing the debris from his property.