A group of wounded veterans making their 1000 mile trek across America stopped by the Scenic City Tuesday.

Three British and three American veterans made a stop at Mission Barbecue on Gunbarrel Road. The group began their journey on June 2 in Los Angeles.

One veteran explained what motivated her to join the walk:

"Prince Harry has it in his initiative that if we fight together, we should heal together. And I think it's spot on. And the love and support we've been getting in communities is overwhelming. So anytime we feel like 'why are we out here,' we're reminded quickly when we walk into communities and we get the cheers and the horns honking. Little old women will come out and throw money in our buckets, and it's pretty awesome and inspiring.

After their stop in Chattanooga, the group will travel to Jacksonville. They will complete the route in New York City on September 6.