Tennessee students will soon return to the classroom.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is working to make sure the buses children ride to and from school are safe and working properly.

Inspectors are checking tires, brakes, seats, windows, emergency exits and underneath each bus.

They want to find and fix little problems before they become big ones.

“They can develop problems underneath the bus or inside the bus that a driver may not catch so by law, it's required that we come in and inspect those school buses at least once a year,” Sgt. Alan Bailey said.

Inspectors are responsible for examining roughly 1,200 school buses in 12 southeast Tennessee counties.

There’s an easy way parents can tell if a child’s bus has been through the inspection process. They should look for the yellow sticker on the front of the school bus.

“If you look at that bus you can say ok, this bus was checked July 31st, 2018. You know exactly when that bus was inspected,” Sgt. Bailey explained.

When students go back to school, Sgt. Bailey says troopers also plan to follow school buses to make sure cars around them are stopping and are not speeding in school zones.