Plans have been unveiled to finally complete the Bellefonte nuclear plant in Jackson County, Alabama.

The Tennessee Valley Authority and Nuclear Development LLC. have almost completed a deal worth over 100 million dollars. 

The deadline is set for November.

The update was given to the community yesterday by officials from both organizations.

A group call SNC- Lavalin is expected to oversee the project.

Two years ago, the TVA abandoned its plans to construct new nuclear reactors in the area, but local officials say it will take five years before the plant will be able to produce electricity.

In an interview, Preston Swafford the Chief Nuclear Officer stated, "For me, this plant was nearly completed. Most all of the licensing reviews have taken place."

County officials say completion of the plant would have an economic output of more than 12 billion dollars and create more than 8,000 jobs.

The two unfinished reactors date back to the 1970s.