UPDATE: Friends and family are remembering the man killed in Monday’s hit and run in Hixson. Donald Rackley was walking on Norcross Road when he was hit by a vehicle.

Friends describe Don Rackley as a remarkable person. He was a loving husband and helped home school his two sons.

“This is a great family. They have been through a horrific tragedy, and the tough days are ahead. That is where we as a church come in, put our arms around them, because we are a family here,” said Ken Hartley with Abba’s House.

Every Sunday Don Rackley could be found surrounded by people who adored him.

He was an active member of the church, Abba’s House.

“I think his love for the Lord, first and foremost. That was really his heart, he wanted to please God,” said Hartley.

His pastor Ken Hartley said Rackley's presence lit up a room. He had a smile and laugh that was contagious.

Outside of church Rackley was active with the Chattanooga magic community. He went by the name Donitelli.  

“As the mentalist, he did a lot of mind reading tricks and things like that. He was very very very good at it,” said Hartley.

But his favorite role was being a husband to his wife Nancy and father to his two sons.

“Love for his family, it is a very close family. This has obviously been a devastating experience for this family,” said Hartley.

A fundraising page was created to help the family with funeral costs.

Police are asking for help with finding the driver, who could face a felony charge for leaving the scene.

If you have any information that could help, or if you were driving in the 4500 block of Norcross Road on Monday morning, please call the Chattanooga Police Department at 423-698-2525.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: Chattanooga Police are looking for the driver who hit and killed a man, identified as Donald Rackley, 62, in Hixson Monday morning. The man's body was found in a ditch on Norcross Road. It's not clear how long he was there.  

The Chattanooga Police Department was able to recover some vehicle debris from the side of the road but not enough to know the make or model.

It was not a quiet morning like Ginny Quackenbush is used to. Police packed her neighborhood after a body was found feet from her front yard.

“I didn't hear anything until we heard sirens," Quackenbush explained. "Then I looked out and saw the ambulance lights. That is all. We did not hear anything, no skid. No skid or anything like that.”

Chattanooga police spent hours investigating what happened the moments before a man wearing dark clothing was hit by a vehicle.

“It is a community, a lot of houses out here. What we do know about this person is he was just out walking on this particular event,” Justin Kilgore, with the Chattanooga Police Department, said.

Neighbors describe Norcross Road as a cut through to access the Northgate shopping area. They say they see a lot of speeding cars travel the road. 

“Once they pass that curve, they just fly down here. It is a straightaway and they just move,” Quackenbush said. 

Neighbors said they have contacted the city to add speed bumps or speeding cameras to the area. But nothing has been done. They hope something changes soon.

“It is really tragic, but maybe some good will come out of it," Quackenbush added. "I don't know. Other people won't have the same thing happen. It is really sad.”

Police are asking for help locating the driver, who could face a felony charge for leaving the scene. If you have any information that could help, or if you were driving in this area Monday morning, you can reach police at 423-698-2525.

PREVIOUS STORY: A body was found in the 4500 block of Norcross Road in Hixson Monday morning. 

The man's body was located around 7:00 am in a ditch along the road.

Chattanooga police say it was a deadly hit and run, and officers believe the man was walking when he was struck.

A neighbor found a shoe in their yard and called the police.

Norcross Road has reopened to traffic, but suspect information is still limited.  If you have any information that can help officers, please call 698-2525.