A non-profit coffee shop in Cleveland is having to make some unexpected renovations after a car crashed through the building.

The store was actually already closed for other renovations when the wreck happened.

"The whole front end of a Mercedes SUV sitting right here in the spot I’m standing in right now,” Sgt. Ruthie Forgey, with the Salvation Army, said. “It had come through the wall and was inside our building."

Boards cover a large hole on the side of Inman Coffee, and items are scattered around inside after a car crashed through the side of the building Thursday.

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Luckily, only a few people were inside the coffee shop because it was closed for renovations.

"We have been closed since June 1 renovating,” Sgt. Forgey explained. “Painting, putting some flooring down, doing some staging…”

Now, the list of things to fix is getting longer. The coffee shop is owned by the Salvation Army and was set to open August 1st.

There's a lot more work to do now, but workers are happy everyone is OK.

"If we had not been closed for renovations, we have tables sitting up here against this wall,” Sgt. Forgey added. “So, if you're looking at what could've been, it will give you nothing but a grateful heart."

Owners said the extra projects will get done, and the doors to the coffee shop will reopen.

They hope to have repairs completed and the store reopened in about a month.

"Things can be replaced, walls can be rebuilt, furniture and furnishings can be replaced," Sgt. Forgey said.

Repairs to the building will start on Tuesday.