Tennessee's tax-free weekend is in full swing, and it falls just days before students start heading back to class.

But how much will you actually save? Channel 3 put one school supply list to the test at The School Box.

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This weekend, almost everything on a school supply list is tax-free.

Back to school lists can be long and expensive for shoppers.

Channel 3 picked up a list for a local elementary school to buy the items and see just how much shoppers could save this tax-free weekend.

While working on our shopping list, we ran into Beth Cooper, a third-grade teacher who also has two kids of her own in school.

“I’ll spend around $1,000 when it’s all said and done,” Cooper said about back to school shopping.

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She takes advantage of the tax-free weekends in both Alabama and Tennessee, to save some cash shopping tax-free and a little at a time.

“It takes me a couple weekends at least,” Cooper explained.

We picked up all the tax-free items on our school supply list like crayons, notebooks and markers. There were some items we could not find like hand sanitizer and ziplock bags, but those are not considered tax-free.

Cooper felt like our school supply list was fairly short, but said any savings is good when you’re shopping, especially for multiple kids.

“If you’re buying $1,000 worth, it’s a big difference,” Cooper said.

For our shopping list, with basic supplies for just one student, on tax-free weekend would cost $49.13, a savings of just over $4.50 on a normal day.

Cooper said it may not sound like much, but it makes a big difference.

However, not everything is tax-free this weekend, but more than 150 items are.