Friday afternoon, Vice President Mike Pence endorsed Diane Black for Tennessee’s next governor. Pence announced his support on Twitter.

This comes hours after current Governor Bill Haslam told reporters he does not want the White House getting involved in the state's primary elections.

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam said he will not endorse anyone running for his position, and hopes President Trump will follow suit.  “I am staying out of the primary. Once the primary is over I will actively help the Republican nominee in the general election, but I am staying out of the primaries,” said Governor Haslam.  
The President has endorsed candidates in a number of Republican Gubernatorial primary races across the country, including Georgia.

But Governor Haslam said he asked the White House in February to stay out of GOP primary elections.

Haslam said traditionally the White House doesn't get involved until the general elections. “We are staying out of the primary I think it would be helpful that the White House does that as well. We are all going to have our hands full in November, very competitive election here and across the state. I think it is better if everybody keeps their powder dry for the November election.”

Last week the President endorsed Brian Kemp for Georgia’s gubernatorial runoff election.
Kemp won the election, beating out current Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle.