Construction began Thursday on crumbling US 127 on Signal Mountain. The project comes at a crucial time for organizers of The World's Longest Yard Sale.

The event kicks off on August 2.

It was last month, during a weekly routine inspection, that TDOT discovered in depth repairs by engineers were needed as soon as possible.

Settling pavement has caused concern for Signal Mountain residents, and now the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Spokesperson Jennifer Flynn says after a recent inspection, the department hired a contractor to start repair work within the month. 

"If we didn't take advantage of the contractor, he may go off and start work somewhere else, and we may not be able to get him back. So, we felt it was critical enough to go ahead and get started now," says Flynn.

Flynn says about 260 feet of US 127, which is also known as Signal Mountain Boulevard, will have to be repaired. The project will cost about half a million dollars. A team of engineers will place massive soil nails in the ground and use concrete to build a retaining wall. 

"Basically it stabilizes the slope and some of the soil nails can be as long as 40 feet long," states Flynn.

Once the soil nails are set, TDOT will build up the road and resurface. Guard rails will be replaced.

Flynn recognizes the timing is not ideal for visitors to the yard sale, which covers 690 miles from Addison, Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama and attracts thousands of vendors every year.

Flynn says those vendors will not lose any space to the construction. 

"It's not in an area where the vendors are usually set up. It is on the way up to the Signal Mountain portion of The World's Longest Yard Sale," adds Flynn.

Flynn tells Channel 3, during construction the two lane road will be narrowed to one lane.

Signs are in place to alert drivers.

It's a necessary project and one that will provide a permanent fix, lasting an estimated 75 years.

TDOT asks for patience during the longest yard sale, as the project will take about eight weeks.

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