Christina Davis and her long-time boyfriend, Clay Wheat, were asleep in their bedroom when they were awakened by thunder, hail, and severe storm warnings on their phones around 4:30 in the morning last Saturday.

"Our dog was making a commotion. So he {Wheat} got up to go to the front part of the house to check on him, and about the time he hit the bathroom that's when the tree came crashing in," says Davis.

At first, Davis thought Wheat was in trouble.

"I was calling out his name. He wasn't responding to me right away," recalls Davis. "I kept calling his name out and thought he was underneath the tree."

Turns out he was okay, and she wasn't hurt either. However, panic mode quickly turned into escape mode.

"He had reached out to grab me and he said we gotta go now! So we went down the hallway as quickly as we could."

They stayed at a neighbor's home for a couple hours before coming back at daybreak. The storm, with winds of at least 60 miles per hour, blew a large tree into the bedroom of Davis' son who is home from college for the summer. She's very thankful he wasn't there. He was at a friend's house for the night.

"He was shocked, because his room is on his bed and his floor. He lost everything that he had in there," adds Davis.

They were able to salvage some appliances and furniture from other parts of the house, but there's no water or electricity. So for now they're staying with wheat's mother in Resaca.

"When a child is in need and the parents open the doors and say hey, come here, we did," says Davis.

Even though they lived in the rental home on Grand Prix Drive for only two years, Davis says her family built many memories in this home. So, it's hard to see it like this.

"Everything's scattered and you don't know where nothing is, and what you can get it's very limited," says Davis.

She says her family has renter's insurance and and they're in the process of looking for a new place to live.