It's been five days since a captain with the Chattanooga Fire Department was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash on Mayflower Road.

According to the CFD's Facebook page, Captain Shellie Thorne was scheduled to have surgery Monday morning.

Firefighters often risk their lives to save others; however, people in Chattanooga did what they could to save the life of a long time firefighter on Monday.

"She never ceases to amaze me she's one of those few people, she can scold you and it feels like you're being loved at the same time she's always upbeat, she's always inspiring," said Tammy Wey-Saffles.

This is what comes to mind when Wey-Saffles describes her best friend. Captain Thorne was critically injured in a motorcycle crash last week. Wey-Saffles couldn't fight the tears when she saw her sister in the hospital.

"Basically the only thing not affected is her head and she needs all the prayers she can get at this point right now," she explained.

Captain Thorne and her friend lost a lot of blood in the accident and will likely need more in the near future. In true firefighter spirit, the department rallied behind one of their own and decided to host a blood drive.

"That will help replenish the blood supply that was used in part at this bad accident in which two people were critically injured," said Bruce Garner, Chattanooga Fire Department.

Those close to the family tell us captain Thorne is speaking and in good spirits. Thorne has a long road to recovery, Monday morning she went into surgery and it likely won't be her last.

"She is going to need a lot of blood. She's gone through several surgeries, she's going through several more extensive surgeries and she's going to be using a lot of blood," Wey-Saffles said.

People from all walks of life came to fulfill the need. Firefighters, police, and even random strangers donated.

"It's nice knowing that even if it didn't go to her, somebody else in her same situation either equivalent or worse that needs it is going to get the blood," she said.

If you weren't able to donate blood on Monday, you can still help Captain Thorne by donating to her fund at First Tennessee banks to help support medical expenses.

If you would still like to donate blood, you can visit any Blood Assurance office, be sure to mention Captain Shellie Thorne.