UPDATE: In northwest Georgia, Verizon Wireless customers in four counties are now able to call 9-1-1 for help after an outage.

The outage started on Friday and was resolved Monday afternoon.

Engineers with Verizon Wireless and AT&T worked around the clock for three days trying to get 9-1-1 service back up and running.

"They were assured that we were on the highest priority that they could place us in getting it fixed," Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader said.

Schrader said something caused a communication error between Verizon Wireless and AT&T trunks Friday night preventing Verizon Wireless customers in Chattooga, Floyd, Bartow and Dawson counties from calling 9-1-1 for help.

"911 started pushing out their non-emergency lines for people to use to call 911," Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader said.

It's unclear how many people were impacted by the outage or what caused it.

In Chattooga County, first responders used social media and local media to direct people to the non-emergency line numbers.

"You could still get a hold of your emergency medical needs that you may have had, you just couldn't use the 3 digit 911 to get them," Chatooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader added.

An example the sheriff said of coming together to help keep the public safe.

Officials say if you have any problems calling 9-1-1, call use the non-emergency line instead.

Below are the non-emergency lines for the impacted counties:

Chattooga County: 706-857-3400 or 706-857-0750
Floyd County: 706-236-4541
Dawson County: 706-344-3636
Bartow: 770-382-5050 and enter 7 when prompted for dispatch.


A Facebook post from the Chattooga County Emergency Management Agency disputes the earlier claim that Verizon callers were able to reach 911 operators.

The post reads:

"We have just begun receiving some 911 calls into our center from Verizon Wireless customers. Verizon service is not completely restored at this time, it is a hit or miss while calling. We have not been contacted directly from Verizon at this time, with any updates but the calls that we do receive appear to be working correctly. Floyd County 911 also seems be receiving Verizon 911 calls at this time as well. Until we have a definite confirmation from Verizon and or AT&T that the issue has been resolved, please keep the 706-857-3400 and 706-857-0750 numbers available if you dial 911 and cannot get through. We will continue to provide you with updates as they become available.
Thank you."

Earlier in the day, officials told Channel 3 that service for 911 emergency calls has been restored to Chattooga, Floyd, Dawson and Bartow Counties after being out most of the weekend.

PREVIOUS STORY: Verizon customers in Chattooga County are having issues dialing 911.

The county's 911 center Facebook page said those who have an emergency should call either 706-857-3400 or 706-857-0750.

Chattooga County EMA Director Pamela Vaughn told Channel 3 the issue has been going on since Friday.

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