Vice President Mike Pence visited the Tennessee Valley Saturday.

The vice president arrived in the Scenic City around 11:00 am and headed to his first stop at Lee University where he spoke at an event called "Tax Cuts to Put America First!" 

A second event was held in Chattanooga at the Mountain City Club Saturday afternoon.  The event was a fundraiser for Marsha Blackburn, who is running against former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen for Senator Bob Corker's seat.

Channel 3 had team coverage of the event. You can watch the stream below.

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3:19pm - Vice President Pence tweeted about his visit to the Scenic City: 

In a second tweet, Vice President Pence said:

"Marsha Blackburn is a champion of @’s America First agenda. She’s been a champion for Tax Cuts, strong foreign policy, and standing up for the rule of law. The people of Tennessee should support @"

2:55pm - The Tennessee Democratic Party responds to Blackburn's fundraiser.

“Going back to her 2007 meeting with Russian diplomat Igor Matveev, Marsha Blackburn has a more than decade-long history of meeting with Russian nationals on Tennessee soil. In 2012, she met with accused spy master Alexander Torshin when he visited Williamson County — her home county — as an election observer, squired by her former campaign president, attorney, and friend G. Kline Preston IV. Blackburn's actions speak much louder than her words,” said Mark Brown, spokesperson for the Tennessee Democratic Party. 

Marsha Blackburn's campaign released the following response to the Democratic Party's statement

“Marsha never had a meeting with the second individual," said Abbi Sigler, campaign spokesman.

"Congresswoman Blackburn's nonsensical non-denial is typical D.C. politics. Tennessee voters deserve a clear answer about her relationship with Alexander Torshin," replied Mark Brown, spokesman for the state democratic party. 

2:52pm - Former Governor Bredesen responds to Congresswoman Blackburn's events in Chattanooga.

“Governor Bredesen’s message of working together to get things done is resonating with voters throughout the state who are tired of the hyper-partisan yelling and finger-pointing. The contrast between the Senate candidates is increasingly clear--Tennessee voters can pick an 8-term Congresswoman who's been causing gridlock in Washington for the past decade and a half or they can hire someone who is an independent thinker and has a proven track record of working across the aisle to get things done for Tennessee. In the Senate, Governor Bredesen will vote in the best interests of Tennessee and Tennesseans. That’s why he’s applying for the job."

1:15pm - Pence wraps up his visit here. He will now head to Chattanooga to a luncheon at the Mountain City Club.

1:07am- Pence: Thanks the crowd. Crowd chants “U-S-A”

12:58pm - Pence: Unemployment rate has reached the lowest ever recorded for African Americans and Hispanics. 

12:51pm - Pence: Discusses the terrorist attack in Chattanooga. “The America people will always remember the Fallen Five and their families.”

12:46pm - Pence: We’ve already started to build that wall. Crowd: chants “build that wall!” Some Democrats are calling to abolish ICE. “Under this administration, we will never abolish ICE.”

12:45pm - Pence: Yesterday marked 1.5 years since we took office. It’s been a year and a half of promises made and promises kept.

12:42pm - The VP has taken the stage.

12:32pm- Rep. Blackburn is now taking the stage.

12:31pm- Rep. Black welcomes Vice President Pence to Chattanooga. Crowd corrects her.

12:23am- A group of photographers was just escorted closer to the stage. We are anticipating Pence to arrive soon. The discussion is continuing.

12:09pm - Fleischmann: I believe the American entrepreneur knows how to regulate his/her business better than the American govt. Fleischmann: Discusses “2 poor laws” previously passed, Obamacare and Dodd Frank Act - which he says needs to go. It’s hurting America.

12:04pm - Ellis says there are more job openings than people to fill them- he is citing “figures.” DesJarlais: The government has not done a good job, and created dependency. We need to reverse that.

12:00pm- Pence's motorcade arrives in Cleveland.

11:57am- Ellis: Unemployment claims are the lowest in 50 years. The job quitting rate is higher.

11:51am How was this designed to help boost the economy? Fleischmann: Getting America competitive internationally. Making it fairer and simpler.

11:48am- Fleischmann: This tax policy turned into a partisan issue and it shouldn’t have. We have to get away from the divide and look at the economic results.

11:42am- Representatives Blackburn and Black are not here. The panel is made up of Rep. Fleischmann, Rep. DesJarlais, and Daniel LeVan. 

11:36am- Clarke: We can not be complacent. Midterms are coming up, and we must maintain control of the house and the Senate. Panel discussion is underway. It’s moderated by Curtis Ellis.

11:33am- Clarke is discussing “putting America first policies” and “building that damn wall.” Crowd cheers and applauds. “We will be fighting with you every day to drain the swamp in Washington, DC.”

11:29am- Event begins in Cleveland at Lee University.

11:10pm- Channel 3's Caitlyn Chastain in the room where Vice President Mike Pence is headed. It’s a packed house.

11:00am- Vice President Pence arrives in Chattanooga.

10:33amProtesters from both sides engage in an argument about their beliefs. Cleveland Police create a barrier for anti-protesters when they began arguing again. 

10:22am- Richard Newman is a 26-year veteran who started singing the Star Spangle Banner, while he waited n line to see the vice president. 

 9:59am- Protesters have begun chanting their beliefs.

9:56pm - Representative Chuck Fleischmann is here now also.

 9:54 am- Pangle Hall at Lee University is starting to fill up. I’m told there are 761 seats in here, and 302 overflow seats in an auditorium across the street.

9:36am- People, including protesters, are getting ready for Vice President Pence to arrive.

9:11am - People are starting to file in. The event starts at 11:00am.

8:27am - Crowd of protesters forming across the street from the line of people waiting for doors to open.

 7:28am - Line of people already forming outside of Pangle Hall.