UPDATE: Around 2,500 North Georgia EMC customers are still in the dark.

The utility said the outages are from 81 separate outage events after Friday night's storms.

"The severe weather resulted in widespread damage to the NGEMC system early Saturday morning, leaving almost 8,000 members out of power at its peak," the utility said.

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 For the latest outage information, visit the NGEMC's website.

PREVIOUS STORY: Friday night's storms left many people in the Tennessee Valley without power. 

Crews from all utility districts are working to restore power as quickly as possible. 

(8:00 a.m.)

At the height of the storm, EPB's app shows more than 55,000 customers were without power.  The Smart Grid restored power to more than 42,000.

Crews are still working to turn on power to nearly 2500 customers.

Cleveland Utilities reports 99 customers are without power.

Volunteer Electric Cooperative still has 6200 customers without power. 

North Georgia EMC still has more than 5,000 customers of the original 6,969 customers without power.

And Georgia Power still has roughly 2200 customers without power.

Remember if you come across any downed power lines, leave them alone and alert your local utility district.