It's no secret, football can take a toll on the body, especially in the NFL. One could argue recovery is just as important as training and cryotherapy is changing the game.

"I'm not really a big ice tub guy. So, once I understood that I can get an even better treatment without getting in the water, kind of, made things better," Jacksonville Jaguars defensive back and East Hamilton alum, Tre Herndon, said.

Athletes are trading in ice tubs for what looks like, large human freezers. What's even crazier about the process, is being cold isn't what makes the therapy effective.

"This is about the skin surface temperature dropping and causing this chemical dump. It's a chemical adaptive therapy to a thermal shock in the system. So, when you get in an ice bath you're going to be cooling the tissues. When you get in here you're actually playing with the neurology and chemistry in the body," Director of the Integrated Medical Clinic at Norspring, Bret Moldenhauer, said.


Another therapy gaining popularity is the NormaTec boots, most notably seen on LeBron James, it helps with leg soreness, and can be very beneficial.

"It basically flushes out the blood in your legs. Then once you get up and start moving, new blood rushes into the legs. My legs feel good. I could jump out the gym, that's what it feels like," Jacksonville Jaguars defensive back and Ooltewah alum, Sammy Seamster, said.

And as sports evolve, so must the players, on and off the field. So, in the recovery process, they're treating it like a game by not settling for anything less than success.

"Instead of going out there to a game at 80%, why not go out there at 100? So, that's the difference right there in recovery," Seamster said.

"Just so I can keep that cycle going, so in the offseason, I'm still getting better, still getting healthy getting ready for the next season," Herndon said.

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