The family of Sharone Porter is speaking out after five people were hurt in a shooting in the parking lot across from Coyote Jacks over the weekend.

Porter was shot and killed in the same place back in December. His brother, Torrie Porter, was injured.

Sharone Porter's sister, Sharee James, says she feels like she’s being called to help and plans on being a community advocate to protect club goers.

Sunday afternoon was the first time Sharee James visited Coyote Jacks since her brother Sharone Porter's death last December.

She used Facebook live to express her concerns.

“I felt like that was my baby brother telling me, sis you dropped the ball,” said Sharee James. “It’s time for you to pick it back up and do what you promised to do. So, I'm back at it.”

Today, Porter would be 23 years old.

James is speaking out in hopes of keeping even one family from having to endure the heartache her family experienced.

“What I'm seeing is a nuisance,” said James. “The blood that has been shed in that parking lot and it has to stop.”

Sharone's mom, Sytira Porter, says she's sad about what happened. She just wants everyone to have a good time safely.

She tells Channel 3 a family friend of Sharone Porter, Austin Burns, was hurt in the most recent shooting.

“He went to school with Sharone and played basketball with him,” said Sytira Porter. “So I reached out to him on Facebook. I told him I'm glad that his mother didn't have to go through what I'm going through.”

Burns was taken to the hospital and is now okay.

“I'm just glad nobody died that night because that's something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy,” said Porter.

Republic Parking released the following statement about the July 15 incident:

"We are concerned about the incidents that arise on, or near, our parking lot due to its proximity to a late night business. We are investigating the incident and are meeting with local law enforcement and business owners in an effort to address the root cause."