Public Art Chattanooga is launching a campaign to develop a strategic plan for public art in the city.

The plan will guide future art projects over the next decade.

Several community leaders met Wednesday morning to discuss ideas.

They talked about what artwork they’d like to see and where it should be placed throughout the city.

City leaders say the last time they launched a campaign seeking community input about art projects was in 2003. Chattanooga has grown and changed since then, therefore, city leaders say it’s time to have these conversations again.

“Whether you realize it or not, art really affects your experience of our city in a big way, what you take away from Chattanooga and what you learn as you walk our city streets,” Katelyn Kirnie, Executive Director of Public Art Chattanooga, said.

A community input session is planned for Thursday at 5:30 pm at The Spot Venue on Brainerd Road.

City leaders will be there, and the public is invited to attend.