The Tennessee Valley has been remembering the Fallen Five.

Monday marks three years since the terrorist attack that killed five service members and rattled our community.

Drivers from across the area met in Fort Oglethorpe to ride to the memorial site on Lee Highway.

People from parts of Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama joined the ride to honor the Fallen Five. They say NoogaStrong goes further than the city limits.

American, military and police flags flew high on dozens of cars being driven by those honoring the Fallen Five.

Jessica Raymond is the vice president of one of the many jeep clubs that attended the remembrance ride.

“It was a very somber experience,” Jessica Raymond said. “Cars pulled over honking, waving, and saluting.”

The ride comes one day shy of the three year anniversary of the terror attack that killed five servicemen.

Four were members of the U.S. Marine Corp, and one was in the Navy.

Gary Lovett is an Army veteran who says their legacy will never be forgotten.

“I'm here for these guys, the ones that came before them, the ones that came after them, and the ones that haven't come yet,” Gary Lovett said.

Dozens of families gathered to pay their respects to the Fallen Five and comfort each other with a hug. Together, they recited the Pledge of Allegiance and held by a moment of silence.

Devon Loftin was glad to see all the community support.

“Very humbled and very honored just to be on the same parking lot as these amazing people,” Devon Loftin said.

Organizer Nicholas Neely said he wants the power of this event to spread throughout the community.

“Everybody wants to come together as one to show their support for the military because if you don't stand behind them, then you need to stand in front of them,” Nicholas Neely explained.

The groundbreaking for a permanent memorial will be on Thursday, July 19th. The Fallen Five Memorial: "Wreath of Honor" will be located in the Tennessee Riverpark, near the reserve center where the attack happened.