Litter is a costly problem on Tennessee roadways, which is why the state is cracking down.

When garbage is found on the side of roads and highways in Tennessee, it's the job of county and city departments to clean it up, which adds up to a pretty hefty bill.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation spends $15 million on litter prevention and pick up every year. That's money that some say could be used on other traffic needs.

Jennifer Flynn, a spokesperson for TDOT said litter, whether it's intentionally tossed out of out a window or comes from an unsecured load is not only unsightly, but dangerous to other drivers and those who have to clean it up.

"People just need to be aware and just think ahead. Just think about it, when you get some speed on you, is it going to blow out? It's the law to secure your loads," Flynn added.

If Tennessee Highway Patrol catches you littering, it can cost you anywhere from $50-$3,000 and require jail time and community service.

In Georgia, you can be fined $1,000 and be ordered to spend time in jail.

If you witness someone littering, report it by calling 877-8-LITTER or online.