It's that time of year when more people are going outside to be active.

Some enjoy a workout in the park, on the water, an on the field.

No matter where you go the summer heat is likely to follow.

Baylor School football players are already preparing for their upcoming season.

Head coach, Phil Massey, says players have to get used to this heat.

“So typically we are trying to acclimate them to what it's going to feel like once school gets started to condition them,” said Phil Massey.

Massey says right now, the team has practice either in the morning or the evening. So it's cooler than the middle of the day.

Players take water breaks periodically, and the coaching staff keeps up with the heat index.

“To get an exact feel for the temperature down here by the field before we go out,” said Massey. "To make sure we're in compliance with all the heat index conditions and regulations."

The state has specific guidelines on when it's too dangerous for athletes to be outside.

Ten minutes down the road Bruce Franks is enjoying his evening paddling on the Tennessee River.

His advice is, even though you're on the water you should still stay hydrated.

“Get hydrated before you come out here to make sure you have a good base of hydration. If you're going to be out for very long make sure you bring something to keep yourself hydrated,” said Bruce Franks.

He says it's important to be aware of your body and the environment.

If you're new at it, don't overdo it.

“When we have a lot of rain, or when they release the water out of the dam that water could move pretty fast,” said Franks. "So you want to make sure you know your ability."

We have 73 more days of summer so be sure to stay safe.

Tips for staying heat safety can be found here.