A Bradley County woman said she was robbed of the chance to say a final goodbye to her husband.

Last week, 71-year-old Faye King was arrested at Tennova Hospital for criminal trespassing. Police said she made threats against nurses while visiting her husband in the ICU.  

Faye King and William Fabiani were together for 16 years. Over the last year, William was in and out of the hospital dozens of times for cirrhosis of the liver. The last visit to Tennova Hospital was his last.

In April, William was no longer coherent. While in the hospital, family members said he rambled, asking Faye to sneak him beer, cigarettes and liquor into his hospital room.

“She got upset with him and said I don't know what else you want me to do. Next, you’re going to want me to bring your guns,” Faye’s daughter Angela Trosclair said. 

According to Faye’s family, a nurse at Tennova overheard that conversation. She alerted security and told them Faye was making threats against the hospital.

“The police officer that was there told her she couldn't come back in; she had been barred from the place," Trosclair said.

William was released from the hospital. A few months went by, and William’s health continued to decline. He was admitted to Tennova Hospital again. Like always, Faye was there for support.

“Immediately put her in handcuffs. My 71-year-old mother. Who has never even gotten a speeding ticket? Has never had a cross word to say to anybody,” Trosclair added.

Court records show she was arrested for criminal trespassing. Police said the charge was connected to alleged threats made back in April.

“I didn't threaten nobody. I was talking to my husband. I didn't threaten anybody,” Faye explained.

The next day, doctors called Faye to tell her William was dying. They gave her 20 minutes to say goodbye.

“I leaned my face against his face and whispered in his ear, told him how much I loved him,” Faye said.

Faye spent 16 years with William; she said a 20-minute farewell was not enough.

“The day he died he was in a coma, he didn't talk or respond or anything. Except for the tears in his eyes. That was the only response. It gave me hope that he could still hear me. I just told him I loved him over and over and over,” Faye said.

A spokesperson from Tennova stands behind the staff's decision to have Faye removed and arrested.

“We take the safety of our patients, visitors and staff very seriously which is why we have protocols in place to respond to threats that may present in our facility.   Tennova Healthcare – Cleveland understands that during the time a loved one is at end of life it is an emotional time for the family as well as the caregivers.  We work with each situation individually to allow those families to be present to say goodbye and this arrangement is provided for all families,” Stephanie Austin said.

Faye's daughter plans to hire a lawyer to help remove the criminal charge from her record.