A Chattanooga man is behind bars on a charge of attempted murder after he stabbed another man.

Chattanooga Police officers were called to an aggravated assault on Patten Parkway around 1:30 am Sunday.

When officers arrived, they found a man bleeding from a stab wound on his middle back, the arrest affidavit explained. EMS advised that the man had possibly been stabbed in the lung.

The victim told officers that the suspect, Richard Terrell Smith, 58, followed him on his bike to Patten Parkway. The affidavit explained that when they both stopped, Smith began acting aggressively towards the victim. The victim turned around to grab his belongings when Smith stabbed him with a knife that was described as being around 3 inches long, the arrest report said. Officers were unable to find the weapon.

The victim was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Security at a nearby bar told police they did not see the stabbing but did see Smith leaving the scene yelling and riding on a bike.

Smith was found nearby. He told officers that he and the victim had been arguing. He denied stabbing the victim saying the man was "after him and that he couldn't get away from him..." the affidavit said. He added that the victim had two knives. Police never found either weapon.

Smith then changed his story saying he felt threatened and that he had to stab the victim. He added that he then fled on his bike.

Smith was arrested and faces charges of attempted first-degree murder and tampering with or fabricating evidence.

His bond is set at $115,000 dollars.