Tennessee American Water is warning customers about a scam.

The company explained that recently customers have received calls from representatives of a different company saying they represent Tennessee American Water and would like to test the customer's water.

Tennessee American Water said their employees will present a photo ID badge and drive work vehicles displaying the company's name when they are out working.

“Tennessee American Water only takes water samples at a private residence under specific circumstances, and in most cases, the customer is aware ahead of time that we will be sampling,” Tennessee American Water supervisor for water quality Kitty Vaughn said. “For example, we have pre-determined sampling sites that businesses and residents have agreed to participate in for our regular testing. Sometimes we may sample after a main break but we would identify ourselves with company ID and when possible, most sampling is done at a faucet on the outside of the home."

The company asks customers who have any doubts to call 1-866-736-6420. If a person is concerned about any illegal activity taking place, they are asked to also call their local law enforcement.

"Other utility worker imposters may use tactics over the phone such as demanding immediate payment or payment via a pre-loaded credit card," a company spokesperson explained. "Customers should be aware that Tennessee American Water customer service representatives would not ask customers in this manner."

The company also wants customers to be aware that some scammers can change the number on caller ID to appear as a legitimate phone call.