The groundbreaking for the long-awaited memorial for the Chattanooga's Fallen Five service members is scheduled for July 19.

Officials, along with the memorial artists, Shane Albritton and Norman Lee, will be on hand for the groundbreaking of the Fallen Five Memorial: “Wreath of Honor” at the Tennessee Riverpark.

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The memorial will honor the five service members slain on July 16, 2015 at the U.S. Naval Operational Support Center.

The memorial concept is inspired by the symbolic form of the wreath; representing the notions of eternity, continuity and memory.

In the military tradition of wreath laying, this gesture recognizes honor and sacrifice. The memorial wreath marks the Riverpark site made sacred by the attacks.

The community is being asked by the artists to suggest thoughts and sentiments that will be cut into the metal bands of the suspended wreath. The wreath will include 75 phrases.

Some sentiments already gathered include: “Nooga Strong”; “Home of the free because of the brave”; and “Never forget”.