UPDATE: All lanes of Highway 27 North have reopened now that crews are finished cleaning up solid waste that was spilled on the road Friday morning.

The crash happened when a tractor-trailer lost its load near the Dayton Boulevard exit shortly after 8:00 p.m.

All lanes of Highway 27 North were closed as a result.

Shortly before 4:00 p.m., Red Bank police confirmed two lanes had reopened and traffic was no longer being re-routed to the Dayton Boulevard exit.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: Two truck drivers have been cited after losing their load Friday morning, spilling treated solid waste on Highway 27 North.

The first truck lost its load around the Dayton Boulevard exit. The second truck lost its load near the Highway 153 exit around 7:00 Friday morning.

Sky3 shows part of the scene that spanned nine miles along Highway 27 North creating a pretty big traffic hazard.

"It's for the motorists that can hit it and slide around as if it was on ice and it can be very dangerous. On top of that the clean up is also a traffic hazard," Bruce Garner with the Chattanooga Fire Department said.

Garner said the loads were certified as a commercial fertilizer and were being transported from Chattanooga's Moccasin Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant to Dayton to be sold to farmers.

Bio-hazard officials deemed the loads were not hazardous and did not pose a threat to the public but it did create a headache for drivers like Bradley Robinson who was on his way to work in Red Bank when he said he drove through the debris near the Dayton Pike exit.

"A crappy way to start my Friday," Robinson said, "There were piles that were this big and up near where the truck was, he had a pile that was really big. That first initial one, I kind of chopped it down for everybody."

Robinson said his truck sustained a little bit of damage, but nothing major.

Bucket trucks and street sweeps spent hours cleaning up the mess while Tennessee Highway Patrol worked to figure out why this happened.

"It's just really odd to have two dump trucks lose their load simultaneously," Garner added.

Both drivers, with Lofty Construction, were cited for carrying unsecure loads.

THP said the fine for that type of citation costs about $25 in court costs but the company could be required for pay for the cost of cleanup.

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PREVIOUS STORY: Two truck hauling 16 tons of solid waste from the sewage treatment plant at Moccasin Bend spilled their load on US-27 Friday morning, creating a mess that required closing several lanes of traffic in two separate places.

The first spill took place south of the Signal Mountain Road exit in Red Bank, leaving a trailing of, well, you know what in the center lane.

The second truck's spill happened north of the US-27 interchange with SR-153.

The intended destination of the solid waste was a landfill in Dayton.

The loads, while not pleasant, were deemed to be non-hazardous, according to Karen Styers, a bio-solid coordinator for the city of Chattanooga.

The spills did require road crews, assisted by police and fire for safety, to clean up the mess at both locations.

Both drivers were cited for having an insecure load.

PREVIOUS STORY: Commuters on US-27 northbound Friday morning were greeted with two separate spills of, ahem, manure that was apparently dropped from a truck carrying the not-too-fresh load.

The center lane of the roadway just north of Signal Mountain Road showed a large smear from the mishap, stretching for about a mile.

The second was north of the exchange of US-27 and SR-153.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation's SmartWay system euphemistically described the mess as  "debris" on the TDOT traffic map.

The truck's driver tells Channel 3 that the truck, carrying 16 tons of the stinky stuff, and apparently another truck lost its load as well, making for a really unpleasant cleanup.

 TDOT expects to have the road cleared this morning.