Registration numbers are down for this year's Chattanooga Heroes Run. Organizers are urging people to sign up for the race that benefits the Fallen Five memorial.

The Chattanooga Heroes Run honors the five service members who died in July of 2015. Their actions continue to resonate in the community and inspire runners like Molly Blatt to sign up for the race.

"If it's a run or if it's a walk, it doesn't matter. As long as we're doing stuff to give back, it's very important that the community does that so I think that's very cool,” Molly Blatt who signed up for the race said.

Blatt is one of more than 400 people registered for this year's Chattanooga Heroes Run. That's a significant drop from last year that had 1100 participants and the year before when the race started with 1400 people.

"This means something to our citizens and we want to make sure they have an opportunity to show these families that they are woven into the fabric of Chattanooga now and forever,” Christian Orth, one of the organizers said.

Orth said it’s important that the community does not forget what happened here nearly three years ago and to continue supporting the families who are still healing.

"When the runners give them high fives, stop and give them hugs, cry with them and just show their support, it's a very uplifting point in time for not only the families, but the city. Really, I think it helps everybody heal,” Orth said.

The mission of the race is to help fund and build the memorial for the fallen five in the Tennessee Riverpark.

As runners and walkers complete each mile, they'll see pictures of each service member.

"I think it's touching. I mean as people that have served for our country, that's incredible to see the faces and remember how important this run is and what it really means to everybody,” Blatt said.

Registration costs $35 and proceeds will go toward the Fallen Five memorial.

It starts at 8 am on July 14th at the Navy Operational Support Center and ends at the Hubert Fry Center.