Just in time for the Fourth of July, there are some big changes to Georgia's fireworks laws. Cities and counties across the peach state can now limit fireworks due to noise complaints or drought concerns.

Here in Chattanooga, it's up to the professionals Tuesday night in Coolidge Park for Pops on the River.

Across the state line, the rules have changed. A new law allows cities to set limitations on when you can shoot fireworks. Georgians will still be able to use them seven days every year, including the 4th.

Gladys McNabb owns Granny's Fireworks in Rossville. This week is the busiest of the year.

"Today and tomorrow it'll be can to can't," says McNabb.

She's been in business for 20 years, opening at 9:00 a.m. She says they won't close until people stop coming in. Her store isn't the only one flooded ahead of the 4th July holiday. Medical professionals say an uptick in sales can mean more injuries.

"If you're not a professional at it, certainly only light one at a time," says Dr. Frank Tift MD, the Assistant Medical Director of Lifeforce Air Medical for Erlanger.

Dr. Tift suggests placing fireworks on the ground or a flat surface and never fire them from your hand. Despite the wet weeks we've seen, you should also avoid grass.

"Try to be safe about it, preferably on a hard surface. Like concrete or asphalt because if the grass is dry you could set the grass on fire," adds Dr. Tift.

He says fireworks can reach temperatures 10 times higher than boiling water within seconds, causing second and third degree burns. Should this happen, do not use creams or ointments because they can trap the heat.

"Tepid water, to make sure that the burning has stopped and then clean it good with regular soap and water," says Dr. Tift.

Using ice for too long of a time can reverse the skin's healing process. Above all, he says common sense is the key to safety and avoiding injury all together.

It's illegal in Georgia to use fireworks within 100 yards of an electric plant, gas station, hospital, or nursing home.

As for those other days of the year that Georgians can use fireworks, in addition to July 4th, the new law still allows fireworks on New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Memorial Day weekend, and Labor Day. 

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