A dating app approaches matchmaking in a different, some would even say 'unconventional,' way. Rather than finding a match based on a person's interests and likes, "Hater" wants to help you find a match based on what you both hate.

Hater is a free app with the slogan or tagline: "Meet someone who hates the same stuff". Why not?

You begin by giving Hater permission to view your Facebook profile, that's how you sign up and login to the app. It uses your Facebook profile picture as your profile picture.

Then you start answering questions. Similar to other apps, you swipe to answer the questions. Do you like when people say "I can't even..."? How do you feel about reality shows, 'The Bachelor,' 'Tofu,' the Electoral College, building the wall?

You're given four answers to choose from: love, like, dislike or hate.

Once you've answered enough questions, Hater combs its database searching for other users who hate the same thing you do. On screen, you see their profile picture, age and how far away they are from you. You also see what percentage of questions you answered the same.

A score of 87 percent suggests you two may have a lot in common of things you hate. Like other dating apps. you can swipe right or left to save potential date profiles. If you like their profile and would like to meet, they'll see that you've 'liked' them and can message you back if they're interested in knowing more about what you hate.

If you're having trouble kicking things off, Hater will suggest some conversation starters such as a "what's worse" game.

The developer of the app said it was a joke at first, but when people began suggesting he launch the app, he put it in development and launched it in the app store.