Lawmakers in Georgia are trying to make roadways safer under a new law.

It makes touching your phone in any way while behind the wheel illegal.

That includes talking on the phone, texting, using GPS or changing the song.

But under the new law, those caught violating the new measure get one pass.

"There is a provision that on your first offense you can get the fine dismissed and the points on your license dismissed if you go to a judge and show them proof that you have taken some steps to comply with the law in the future. Like buying a Bluetooth headset or getting your car set up to run Bluetooth through your car's stereo system," Bruce Frazier with the Dalton Police Department said.

You might just want to go ahead and get that Bluetooth or the hands-free holster.

If you are cited under this new law, it will cost you 50 dollars and one point on your license and the fine goes up for habitual offenders.

Also, keep in mind, it's illegal to drive with two headphones in your ear.

You can drive with one though so you can hear sirens around you.

On July 1, the Georgia State Patrol issued 34 citations and 98 warnings statewide for distracted driving under the new law.