Revitalization plans for the former Alston Turbine plant have been announced. Over the next ten years, the area will transform, according to West End Property, LLC, and Urban Story Ventures.

The plan is to find a new manufacturer to fill the vacated plant. In addition, the remaining area will be used to provide living, working and recreational opportunities. New jobs will also be created in the community. The area is being referred to as the West End and is around 112 acres, including the plant and adjacent land.

“This is the most significant resurgence of Chattanooga’s riverfront since Mayor Bob Corker implemented the 21st Century Waterfront in 2002. The development will create hundreds of jobs, connect people to the river and create a whole new district and destination for residents and visitors,” Jimmy White, principal in West End Property, LLC and owner of Urban Story Ventures, said. “We envision a development that will be internationally recognized for its innovative approach and greatly enhance Chattanooga’s reputation as a top mid-size city.”

The Alstom property is considered highly marketable because of its LEED Gold certified, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that includes specialized equipment and a 509-ton crane capacity, which is the highest weight capacity inland waterway crane on the Tennessee River, a spokesperson for West End Property, LLC, and Urban Story Ventures explained. The property also has two interstate access points.

“The existing infrastructure is unlike any other property in the southeast. It’s unique riverfront with a sophisticated plant and endless accessibility," said Hiren Desai, part owner of West End Property, LLC and CEO of 3H Group, Inc. "It's time for activity to be happening in this district. We see the West End as the next frontier for Chattanooga, and its revitalization is going to attract jobs and visitors from all over."

The site adjacent to the plant will have eateries, residences, stores, recreational areas and office spaces. There will also be a comination distillery, brewery and winery, which is the first in the state.

The Tennessee Riverwalk runs through the West End. Developers are planning to include access for smaller watercraft like kayaks and paddleboards.

“In acquiring the property, we want to be responsible stewards of the facility, keep it in local hands and return this property to productive use,” said White. “The development of this site is important to Chattanooga’s long-term growth. We’re eager to have industry return and good-paying jobs while adding live, work and play options for the entire district.”

Work on the West End will begin immediately.