Requirements aimed at curbing Tennessee's opioid epidemic are among more than 150 new laws taking effect.

Gov. Bill Haslam's "TN Together" opioid plan largely kicks in Sunday, July 1, when many laws take effect annually and a new budget year begins.

Tennessee will limit initial opioid prescriptions to a three-day supply, with exceptions for major surgical procedures, cancer and hospice treatment, sickle cell disease and treatment in certain licensed facilities.

Among other components, the laws will incentivize offenders to complete substance use treatment programs in prison and make dealing fentanyl and similar dangerous substances second-degree murder when it causes a death.

The $37.5 billion budget includes $16 million-plus in new opioid services money, $30.2 million more for school safety and $3 million to help schools equip new buses with seatbelts.

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