UPDATE: Channel 3 has learned new details about the 9-year-old who was killed when a tree fell on her tent while camping at the Foster Falls Campground over the weekend.

The young girl's name is Sadie Lyle.

In a public Facebook post, her mother said the family was on their first camping trip together.

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Saide would have been going into the fourth grade at Tracy City Elementary School. Sadie's mother also said she was the "bright spot" in their lives.

The girl's father had minor injuries.

It is not confirmed that the tree was rotten, but the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation said, "state park personnel routinely monitor public use areas and tend to trees that are known to present an imminent risk of injury to park guests."

PREVIOUS STORY: Channel 3 has learned a 9-year-old girl from Tracy City has passed away after a tree fell on her at Foster Falls while she was camping.

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation officials said she died at the campground this weekend. 

"I just happened to be awake,” said camper Caleb Rench, “I heard what sounded like a tree falling nearby, I couldn't tell exactly where it came from. I heard what sounded like people that were upset."

Rench was camping just two sites over from where the tree limb fell on a young girl.

"There was a lot of fire and ambulances, and police officers that showed up," Rench recalled.

Campers said a good Samaritan jumped in to help the family while first responders were on the way.

After the young girl was taken to the hospital, Rench decided to finish his camping trip, but campers at Foster Falls Sunday morning said a lot of people left after it happened.

"In the hour following there were a bunch of cars that left,” said Rench, “So I didn't know if it was people that knew them, Or ya know.."

Rench said it's scary to think it can happen to anyone.

"It's kind of scary because I actually looked at that campsite before I picked this one," Rench said, "It can happen anywhere. Stuff like that happens in parks and in your own backyard all the time."

We've reached out to Foster Falls officials and they directed to a spokesperson. We wanted to know if trees at the campsites are inspected regularly or at all. We also wanted to ask if trees that are considered unhealthy or at risk are cut down. We are waiting to hear back.

The girl's father also had minor injuries.