Supporters and protesters of President Trump's zero-tolerance immigration policy voiced their opinions in Dalton on Saturday. 

Dozens of people stood together holding signs. They urged lawmakers to stop detaining families and children at the Mexico border.

"My number one accomplishment is to not sit on the sideline, be involved. I'm not standing for it any longer. They say get involved. I'm getting involved," Drina Haviland, a protester said.

Shoes and stuffed animals displayed on a table represented children separated from their families. 

"I'm a mom. I can't imagine my son being ripped from my arms. I can't imagine that pain and that heartache. Just thinking about it makes me sick," Stephanie Borillo, another protester said.

One person stood quietly in the crowd wearing a "Support Trump" shirt in opposition. Another woman asked to speak in clear opposition to the rally's message.

"I was wanting to explain to them they are in better shape than they were even though their parents are not with them. They're not being abused. They're being fed," Lou Wheat, a counter-protester said.

It prompted a discussion between both sides.

Both people in opposition to the rally were asked to leave immediately after speaking with Channel 3 in an effort to put the focus back on the migrant families.

Organizers said they understand everyone is allowed to show up, but they hope their message of keeping families together stays clear.

"Today, the voices of the voiceless were what should have been the focus. Unfortunately, I think they took away from that. That I don't agree with them. Them being here? That's their right," Borillo said.