The Tennessee Highway Patrol is reminding drivers to be safe during the holiday travel period.

Last July was the deadliest month of the year on area highways. Nineteen people died in car crashes in the Chattanooga district’s 12 county region during that month.


“Statewide, July was the deadliest month last year and we do not want to have that trend again this July so troopers will be actively looking for distracted drivers, aggressive drivers, drivers not wearing their seatbelts so you will see a lot of troopers on the road,” said Lt. John Harmon.

Lt. Harmon says troopers will be “highly visible” during the holiday travel period and throughout the entire month. He is asking drivers to do their part to keep the roads safe.

“We need to get back to the basics of driving. The good principals of driving are hands on the steering wheel, staying buckled up and eyes on the road,” said Lt. Harmon.

THO is also reminding drivers to put down their phones.

“In today’s society, that phone is attached to everyone. Everyone has a phone. It’s so important to limit those distractions while we’re driving because that can endanger yourself, kill yourself or kill someone else. Put down the distractions and arrive alive,” said Lt. Harmon. So far this year, 41 people have died on Tennessee highways.

According to investigators, more than half of them were not wearing seat belts.