Flash flooding from Thursday's storms affected roads and homes in McMinn County.

While things are a lot better in Athens now, you can tell from the road that there was a lot of water at one point. A road closed sign is still up.

Not only have drivers been affected by Thursday's storms, but some homeowners too.

Channel 3 spoke with the Luttrell family on Shoemaker Street and they shared some pictures with us of the flooding in their front and back yard.

They say a nearby ditch filled with water.

The flooding didnt stop there. It creeped into their basement, tipping over containers and damaging precious belongings like pictures and antiques.

At one point, floodwaters engulfed a two-foot ladder.

"When it overflowed, it was like a river coming through the front yard, side yard, the neighbor's yard," David Luttrell says. "It was worse this time than it has been, but this happens every year, at least one time a year."

We're told the 911 center and public works department received dozens of calls from Thursday's storms alone.

We also called the public works department to see if a more permanent solution is on the way for those homeowners on Shoemaker Street but haven’t heard back.

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