UPDATE: Over the last few days, several fire crews across the Tennessee Valley have battled fires that were probably sparked by lightning.

Thursday evening firefighters responded to a house fire in Walker County on Hog Jowl Road.

The lieutenant working the fire says by the time crews were notified and made it to the scene the home was destroyed.

The homeowner says she's thankful for her neighbors' support.

Ash and debris are all that's left, where a log cabin went up in flames.

Aimee Evans was in Chattanooga when a neighbor called to tell her lightning had hit her home.

“Of course it had been storming and he heard big clap of thunder,” homeowner Aimee Evans tells Channel 3. “Then he got calls from other neighbors that said you need to go check because something's on fire on the ridge.”

Lt. Richard Ripper says he was at the scene of another fire in Trion when he was told to head to this fire that’s about 40 minutes away in Chickamauga.

Lt. Ripper says fire departments across the area have been very busy because of the storms.

“A couple of medical calls that came in and we had to go get fuel,” Lt. Ripper says. “Then they had a fire alarm, a structure fire and now another structure fire.”

The location and water supply made it difficult to get to Evans' home to put out the fire. The only areas of the home that can be identified after the fire are the kitchen and garage.

Evans’ home was covered by insurance and they want to stay here on the ridge.

“The scenery is beautiful; we love the quietness, it's peaceful down here and great neighbors,” Evans says. “We don't want to leave, so we will rebuild.”

Evans says she's grateful for her neighbors who called 911 and made sure her family was okay. She also appreciates the Red Cross for being at the scene with meal vouchers and necessities before she got there.

The fire is still under investigation but with a loss like this, it could be difficult to determine the cause.

No one was home when the fire started, so the family isn’t sure about its pet cat Dixie.

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ORIGINAL STORY: Firefighters are at the scene of a house fire in Chickamauga Thursday.

The fire was reported from the 9300 block of Hog Jowl Road around 3:00 p.m.

Details are limited at this time.

Channel 3 has a crew on its way to the scene.

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