After nearly a decade a recent study says the majority of breast cancer patients don't need to undergo chemotherapy.

Dr. Laura Witherspoon, Breast Surgeon says, "This is a huge study that we have all been waiting years to hear the results of."

Dr. Witherspoon is the medical director for the Erlanger Center for Breast Health.

She says those results show that doctors can now spare about 70 percent of patients from having to undergo chemotherapy.

Dr. Witherspoon says, "For this group of women in this middle ground they do just as well with only the hormone blocking pill and no chemotherapy.

But up until the findings of this study were released, doctors couldn't say for sure whether chemo actually helped patients or not.

Dr. Laura Witherspoon says, "This is a huge piece of information that overnight has changed everyone's practice."

This year, about 260,000 new cases of breast cancer are expected in women across the United States and the majority of them can most likely avoid chemotherapy.

Dr. Witherspoon says while chemotherapy can save lives, it has serious risks.

Dr. Laura Witherspoon says, "In the short term women frequently lose their hair they may feel ill, fatigued, ache, they may get loss of sensation or pain in fingers and toes, sometimes that doesn't go away."

Dr. Witherspoon says she also worries about the long term effects on the heart.

Dr. Laura Witherspoon says, "It's a pretty serious decision to decide whether to do chemotherapy and now we are going to be able to avoid numbers wise a large group of women having to face that."

While this is certainly good news for breast cancer patients, there are some who will still need to undergo chemo such as patients diagnosed with the more aggressive forms and in some cases women younger then 50.

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