A lot of people in our viewing area felt the impact of Thursday's storms including a group of volunteers in east Chattanooga.

It was a race against Mother Nature for a group of about 50 volunteers with Habitat for Humanity.

"So we're planting shrubs and flowers. We are clearing out some alley ways and some vacant properties," Neighborhood Revitalization Program Manager Daniel Gamble said, "We're weeding some of the flower beds, putting down mulch."

They're trying to spruce up a couple of east Chattanooga neighborhoods as part of the "beautification blitz" before Thursday's round of storms hit.

"Today that could look like we're going to have to stop and we're going to see every minute of work that we can get out of the day before or after that," Gamble added, "If it rains, we're going to have to pull of the site for a little bit, find some shelter and make sure everybody is safe."

But the weather didn't dampen what this event is all about, bringing strangers together and helping neighbors.

"You can see how much we share together, how much we want the same things for our families and our lives and with a hammer or a rake on a job site, it's really a great place to do that," he said.

The event will continue Friday.

To learn more about Habitat for Humanity's mission, click HERE.