The East Brainerd Road widening project is being delayed again, this time because of weather.

The road has already been widened and paved. Crews just need to paint the lines.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation was set to paint them today, but they can't do that with rain in the forecast because it won't be able to dry properly.

For months, orange barrels have lined East Brainerd Road. They block off two lanes that stretch two miles long.

It's the second phase of the widening project TDOT started three years ago.

The goal is to transform East Brainerd Road from two lanes to five, but TDOT admits it's been a frustrating process for drivers.

"The people who regularly use the road have a certain expectation of what things would be like and we try to keep those expectations," TDOT spokesperson Jennifer Flynn said.

Last year in October, TDOT finished the first phase of the project. Adding sidewalks, bike lanes and a turning lane from Graysville Road to Morris Hill Road.

Now, TDOT is facing several challenges in completing the second phase.

The weather has prevented them from painting lines for the new lanes, but traffic is another issue.

"I think the average daily traffic is about 30,000 so that's a lot of people and plus that area is growing and continues to grow," Flynn added. "It is much easier to build a road where a road does not exist because people are not used to driving on the road."

If the weather holds, TDOT plans to paint the lines Thursday morning at 9:00. Channel 3 has been told it should only take a few hours to finish. There won't be any new lane restrictions or anything.

Just be careful driving through since workers will be out.