A report by the Georgia State Fire Marshal's Office says there was no malfunction on Lake Winnie's Wild Lightning roller coaster the day a woman was injured while on the ride.

The incident happened on Sunday, June 10.

State investigators say 42-year-old Donna Kirby was ejected from the roller coaster.

According to a report from the State Fire Marshal, there was no malfunction of the lap bars on the roller coaster.

Here is the report from the Fire Marshal:

A letter from Kirby's attorney says she told Lake Winnie staff that she had issues fully bending her knees and sat in the car of the ride with "her legs angled to the right and forward." Kirby asked the ride attendant if it would be safe for her to ride the coaster. The attendant called over a second attendant and both agreed it would be safe, according to the letter.

Here is the entire letter from Donna Kirby’s attorney:

The report from the Fire Marshal’s Office includes an interview with a ride attendant who said that Kirby sat in the car with her knees bent and the lap bar in place. Another attendant said that no medicals problems were noticed.

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