Storms with winds of at least 60 miles per hour toppled trees onto Joanne Nunley's roof, resulting in substantial damage.

"One came on the front of the house, one came on the back of the house. So it just split it," says Nunley.

A severe thunderstorm blew through her neighborhood on Shaver Loop Road in Dayton on Monday afternoon. A neighbor called Nunley at work to tell her the bad news. She left right away.

 "It took me about 30 minutes to get here to see how bad the damage was, and it was devastating," says Nunley. "But it could have been worse."

She called her husband, Mark, who was out of town. It took him two hours to get to the house.

"I'm just glad nobody was home. Because I didn't know if it was actually inside the house, how bad it was. I was glad nobody was here," adds Nunley.

She says it could take quite some time to get electricity back. The Nunleys stayed with their daughter in Murfreesboro after the trees were removed from the roof and tarps were used to cover the gaps. The work lasted until nearly midnight.

"It's going to take a little while to fix it because all the damage was around the power box. It did a lot of structural damage back there," says Nunley.

Mangled awnings, a crumpled satellite dish, detached power lines, and a large hole in a wall are all things that need to be fixed, not to mention removal of what's left of the trees. It's damage the Nunleys have never seen in their 19 years in this home.

"We've had wind storms that did a little bit of damage, but never anything like this," recalls Nunley.

They appreciate the community's support and hope to be back at home soon.

"We had a lot of neighbors come out to try to help, and the crew that came out last night was awesome, and I want to thank everybody," says Nunley.

The Nunleys have home owners insurance to cover some of the repair costs. They can live in the house once electricity is restored. Until then the Nunleys say they will stay with their daughter.