A quiet Sunday afternoon took a nasty turn for Adam Weigle as he grilled steaks on his back deck.

"Strong winds started rolling in. Then literally a microburst or something must have come through and it got really, really intense," says Weigle.

A severe storm with winds of at least 60 miles per hour barreled through his Hixson neighborhood for only a few minutes, but an 80-foot poplar tree couldn't handle the blow from Mother Nature.

"I heard two cracks and that tree just came down. In less than three seconds it was on the ground," recalls Weigle.

It took down part of his chain link fence and some of the tree landed in the yard next door..

Local State Farm agent Kerry Smith has received several claims because of the weekend storms.

"It's usually a tree on their house, a tree on their fence, on a tree on their own personal property," says Smith. "Those are the top three calls that I get, and we triage to try to figure out what level of severity those claims are."

Most insurance policies won't cover the cost of removing trees unless they cause damage to your home, vehicle, or fencing. In order to limit your liability, keep your trees trimmed and have them inspected by a specialist once a year.

"So if you file multiple claims, even if they're out of your control and an act of god, it could affect your future insurability," explains Smith.

If your healthy tree damages your neighbor's property, repairs should be covered by your neighbor's policy. However, you could be on the hook if your tree was diseased.

Weigle says he might not need to file a claim, and he's relieved the damage at his home wasn't worse.

"I guess the best case scenario for a fallen tree in this yard would be in the back corner right where it fell. We got very lucky," says Weigle.

Before the next storm, Smith encourages you to review your home owners policy and understand what it covers. Call your agent if you have questions. After storms take pictures of any damage as soon as you can, then report it to your agent. Also, make sure you hire contractors and tree companies that are licensed, insured, and bonded. Get referrals from friends and family.