Robert Paden's team of eight is prepared to answer as many calls as possible following a busy few days.

Paden allowed Channel 3 to tag along for his call on Signal Mountain Monday. He says most jobs require more than what a property owner expects.

"We had three big trees fall, and they got hung up into two other pines, that are in close proximity to the house, and those pines have an immediate threat to the house now," says owner Robert Paden of Paden Tree People.

What started as a job to remove three downed trees quickly turned into a five tree job.

Paden uses machinery that can lift up to 900 pounds.

With more storms in the forecast for Monday and this week, he expects the phone calls to continue every day.

"We do 24/7 around the clock work, so if I get a call at 10:30 at night, and something needs to be done, we'll rally the crew and get out there," adds Paden.

Here is how he prioritizes:

If a tree damages a structure, his team responds to that call immediately. If a tree is blocking a drive way, that call becomes less of a priority. Paden operates in a 30-mile radius of Chattanooga. This allows him to try and assess each location first, before sending his team to work. 

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