One of the largest gang roundups in the county is making its way through the legal system.

On Monday, attorneys representing some of the 54 people charged in a racketeering indictment against a Chattanooga street gang want to know when they'll receive more evidence from the state.

Some defendants say they don't know what they're specifically accused of doing.

It's been about three months since the Hamilton County Grand Jury indicted 54 Athens Park Bloods gang members. Prosecutors have until the end of October to turn over evidence to help those charged defend themselves.

Some of the defense attorneys asked the judge to get that information sooner.

"Frankly, I'm surprised at the necessity of arguing this motion because I expected discovery before this time or we would have an answer. I see nothing controversial of what I'm requesting," Ben McGowan said.

McGowan is representing Che' Anthony Berry Canno, he said the state should have made evidence available at the time his client was arraigned in April.

Judge Tom Greenholtz asked the state if they could provide more evidence in the next 30 days.

All are charged with racketeering and conspiracy, but seven are also charged in five homicides.

Many defendants entered "not guilty" pleas, but attorneys say some don't know what they're specifically accused of because the lack of evidence provided.

"This is 54 people we are getting off the street. 54 people who have been involved in gang activity. 54 people who have been committing crimes," said Vince Dean.

Criminal Court Clerk Vince Dean worked with the Chattanooga Police Department for 27 years, he says if convicted, these 54 gang members will face class B felonies. They could serve 12 to 20 years in prison, and a fine up to $250,000.

"Illegal drugs, sell of guns, the hiring of people to commit acts that are illegal. If they are in that business for profit, they can be charged as a group under the Rico act," he said.

Most of the cases are due back in court on July 30.