CHATTANOOGA - “Well at first it was kind of annoying. You got a five year old trying to sit there and throw and you're trying to throw and get ready for a tournament. Then you see he hits the board, then he hits two bullseye the first night in there throwing me. Then its like, oh it's on,” father Buster, Tim Graves, said.

Child prodigy or just a product of hard work? For 14-year old Buster Graves, he doesn't even think about it.

“If you become good at home, when you get into a tournament, it just sort of clicks. Everything, your arm stroking, you don't think about anything. You just walk up there, throw and you'll hit,” Buster said.

The Harrison native has competed in nearly 60 tournaments all over the country. Now he's off to England in October, so how did this teenager become the best in the nation? Well, he was quite literally born into it.

“It's so in our family. My wife threw before she got pregnant with our youngest.  She threw while she was pregnant, all the way up until probably two weeks before she had him. Still winning events. Now she's top four in the state of Tennessee, after he's almost two. The whole time, our family has always been in darts. Nothing really is going to stop that,” Tim said.

And I don't know if anything is going to stop Buster as he prepares to hop across the pond. One thing he has in mind, is proving that Americans can sling them too.

“I'm hoping to become number one in the world. I'm hoping to represent America good, like really good. Go over there to England and show them that us Americans can throw darts too,” Buster said.

“The world is playing. The world dominates America and we need to change it. I believe he is the beginning,” Tim said.

To help Buster and his family travel to England, you can donate HERE