We told you earlier this week about the Giant Hogweed found in Virginia, with possible sightings in Tennessee. The closest confirmation to Chattanooga is in Watauga County, North Carolina. 

Very similar to the Giant Hogweed, Dr. Bridget Lassiter with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture says the weed can reach 15 feet tall.

"We spray herbicide on it to kill the plant. We go out there when it's small, so we never let it get to where it's flowering," says Lassiter.

The Vice President of the Tennessee Invasive Plants council states what folks are likely seeing right now is Elderberry. 

"We decided to list the Giant Hogweed as an emerging threat to Tennessee because it was detected very close to our state border, near Blowing Rock, NC," Dr. Belinda Ferro tells Channel 3.

Confirmed reports are located on a website called EDDMapS, a national database used by the Tennessee Invasive Plant Council and the Department of Agriculture to track the presence and spread of invasive species.

Lassiter says where it's been confirmed is on private property, and hikers don't need to fret.

"It was planted intentionally in the one place we have it. They planted it for erosion on a hillside. This plant was sold in the horticulture trade, a long time ago. Just because it is so big, makes it a novelty," adds Lassiter.

The confusion is coming now, because elderberries are flowering. She tells Channel 3 she's had call after call this week about elderberries. The elderberry has tiny lemon scented white flowers, which appear in large flat-topped clusters in June. These clusters give way to black elderberry fruits in late summer.

Crabtree Farms of Chattanooga grows and sells elderberries and says they are a native plant with many benefits.

"The berries will be coming in soon. Elderberries have a lot of really amazing impacts for your health and nutrition, and immune system," says Executive Director of Crabtree Farms, Sara McIntyre.

She adds they can be used to help symptoms with colds and flus.

The easiest way to distinguish between the two is the elderberry has a compound leaf six to eleven inches long, with five to eleven elliptical leaflets. The Giant Hogweed has unevenly lobed leaves, the size of a basketball, even at an infant stage! The buds on the elderberries have begun at Crabtree Farms. This Sunday, they're hosting an elderberry syrup making class from 5PM-7PM. To sign up for the class, click here

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