UPDATE: Two Walker County deputies, accused of holding a woman against her will in an apartment and trying to have sex with her over the weekend, have been charged.

The GBI says 40-year-old Brandon England and 36-year-old Shawn Norris are each charged with aggravated assault, criminal attempt to rape, and false imprisonment.

The GBI says it began its investigation on Sunday at the request of the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department.

Warrants for both deputies were issued based on the information discovered during the investigation.

Monday, Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson said the woman had a consensual relationship with one of the deputies. He said the two had been on a date early Saturday. Later that night, they went to the second deputy's apartment in Fort Oglethorpe.

It's unclear which deputy the victim had a relationship with.

Sheriff Wilson says both deputies were off duty at the time of the incident.

Both England and Norris were booked in to the Catoosa County jail without incident.

The investigation is ongoing and once it is complete, it will be turned over to the Catoosa County District Attorney's Office for prosecution.

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ORIGINAL STORY: The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating two Walker County deputies.

Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson tells Channel 3, the investigation began on Sunday after a woman complained that two deputies held her against her will in an apartment and tried to have sex with her.

Sheriff Wilson says he placed the deputies on paid leave. The names of the deputies have not been released. He says he won't release them until the allegation is proved to be true. 

Channel 3 learned one of the deputies has been on the force for about 12 years, and the other for just one year. Sheriff Wilson says neither neither of them have faced any serious allegations such as this in the past. 

"The bad times always leave a bad taste with you and even an allegation we take it seriously," said Wilson. 

Sheriff Wilson says he learned about the incident through a phone call from his chief deputy on Sunday morning.    

Sheriff Wilson says the woman had a consensual relationship with one of the deputies. He says the two had been on a date early Saturday. Later that night, they went to the second deputy's apartment in Fort Oglethorpe. 

"It was there at that apartment that the accuser, the alleged victim, says that there was some physical activity that took place that made her feel uncomfortable; what she perceived as being sexual in nature," said Wilson.

Sheriff Wilson says the woman told police she did not consent to what was happening and tried to leave. 

"There was some restraints put on her arms and I think a headlock is what she says," Sheriff Wilson said. "At some point she was set free and she left the apartment." 

"I guess [she] called a family member who then came and got her and then notified law enforcement," added Sheriff Wilson.

The GBI confirms it is now investigating the incident. GBI spokeswoman Nelly Miles could not comment on specifics of the investigation because it is ongoing, but says more will be released when it's available. Sheriff Wilson says he's given the state agency permission to do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of what happened. 

"Hold out judgment until we get the final report and once we get the final report, we will report back to the public and will issue a statement as to what the discipline is going to be," said Wilson. 

As of now, Sheriff Wilson says no criminal charges have been filed against the deputies, but they could face internal discipline charges if any policies were broken. 

Channel 3 has made several calls to the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department to request the incident report, but we have not heard back. 

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